About us

Honkarakenne in brief

Honkarakenne in brief

Honka was founded in 1958 in Eastern Finland when five brothers became interested in building houses. Today, Honka is a global pioneer in modern log building technology. We have built approximately 85,000 houses around the world and come up with countless innovations that have changed log construction to its core.


Our services can be divided into three main categories:

  • Contemporary log homes

  • Log cabins

  • B2B-projects

With our wide range of services and good brand awareness, we are able to generate turnover at several stages of the log construction value chain.

An international pioneer in log construction

We have delivered more than 85,000 log buildings worldwide. In 2023, approximately 70% of our net sales came from Finland, with exports accounting for more than a third of our net sales. Export activities are focused on Central Europe and the CIS countries, as well as Asia. Our main market areas are Finland, Central Europe and Japan.

As an internationally renowned brand, we are well positioned to expand our business beyond our current export markets in the future.


At Honkarakenne, we are committed to working in the construction of our log homes, preserving nature, and safeguarding the operational possibilities of future generations the same or better than we have today.

We are committed to:

  • Using only Finnish pine from sustainably managed forests
  • Ensuring the ecological integrity of our entire production process
  • Ensuring the energy efficiency and longevity of our log homes and their environmental friendliness
  • Continually working to improve our environmental responsibility