At the end of 2021, we announced our new strategy in force until the end of 2024. The aim of the strategy period is to strengthen our position as Finland’s largest exporter of wooden buildings. With our export-driven strategy, we seek to increase net sales with a focus on profitability. We aim to improve profitability by improving process efficiency, while enhancing both the customer and employee experience.

Our vision is to become the leader in environmentally friendly and healthy housing in our chosen market areas. Our mission is to improve the quality of people’s lives and housing.

Strategic objectives for 2022–2024:

  • Increasing exports by focusing on and allocating resources to selected markets

  • Increased profitability through further enhancing the customer and employee experience

  • A responsible leader focused on health and the future

Sustainability at Honkarakenne

Sustainability is a key part of Honkarakenne's strategy. We continuously develop our production, services and selection to enable healthier, more ecological and better-quality living. We focus on building the future, and our choices are guided by human and natural vitality. Sustainability is more than just a word for us, its footprint is defined throughout the supply chain. Honkarakenne’s sustainability programme, "We are building the future", is based on the changes we have identified in our operating environment, our ethical principles, recognised expectations of our staff and other stakeholders, and understanding the customer in our main markets. Responsible purchasing and eco-friendly production are at the core of our business and we are constantly developing the health and safety of our houses.

Previous strategy period 2018–2021

The aim of the strategy published in 2018 was to raise Honkarakenne to a new level in its business operations and strengthen the company's position as a leading, international provider of high-quality wood construction and services. Successes of the strategy period included quadrupling comparable operating profit, significant strengthening the balance sheet and completion of a good EUR 7 million investment program at our Karstula factory. We did not achieve the set growth objectives in terms of exports and service sales. Increasing exports is also one of our key strategic priorities in the strategy period extending to 2024.


Post-financial crisis period

  • The financial crisis significantly weakened the construction cycle

  • We strengthened our balance sheet with a EUR 3.4 million directed share issue

  • We focused all of our production to the Karstula factory


Successful turnaround

  • Growth in net sales and significant improvements in profitability

  • Strong construction cycle supported our demand outlook in Finland

  • Wood construction becomes more popular

  • We are gaining a stronger foothold in the B2B market

  • We are not able to increase exports as planned


Aim to continue profitable growth

  • We aim to continue strong organic growth in Finland

  • We aim to improve the profitability level with increased net sales

  • Our new strategy is aimed at increasing exports

  • We aim to exploit the strong demand outlook of wood construction


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